Saturday, February 28, 2009 do we fill this empty space

Hello, I have been downloading pics, and memories to begin this blog. It just went crazy and started reproducing itself over and over again. Thank you tina and kathy for helping me so much with setting this up. I still need some help to fill the big gap between the header and the text. Also, I love the links that let us know what is new on the other blog. Any advice?

We are having a Faeste Lavn party at the institute tonight until 11:30. We had a baptism of a young single adult earlier this morning. He was from Burma. He was so happy and many attended. It is Saturday and we have been here since noon. The young adults have been having a great time at this halloween like event with costumes and loud music.
During the evening they hit a type of a pinata made out of a barrel.
It has been a full day. I have my computer going- to keep me busy experimenting with the pictures and text. Please forgive me for the first small pics I hope to learn how to move text around the pics. Any suggestions. I have a little more time tonight to add a few more things. Love you all, Mom

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