Saturday, March 21, 2009

A place to worship for kings

Inside King Christian IV's "Hunting lodge" castle is a cathedral fit for a king. This is where royalty gathered to worship, for funerals, and I think the recent King of Denmark married his Australian bride here, but I am not sure.
There are angels, cherubims, funny faces of bearded royalty, odd little elf like faces that look like clowns, and fancy women faces hanging from the ornate ceilings and walls. Even the doorknobs have been decorated. I think the king took 16 years to finish the castle. This is a close up of the pipe organ hanging high above the cathedral.

This pipe organ would be a great addition to the Tabernacle in Salt Lake, don't you think. I know that there is a castle choir that still sings here in the cathedral today. It would be fun to come to a Sunday service here.

Every window and wall in the cathedral is adorned with coats of arms and giant paintings. I need a history lesson to know who these beautiful people are but I am sure that they have royal blood..whatever that is.

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