Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter is just around the corner. Odense is full of daffodils and violets. We have had a mixture of rain, fog and sunshine this month. But the flowers invite us into spring no matter what the temperature. If only we knew the temperature here. The other day we were driving through town and I saw an electronic sign that told me that the temperature was 17 degrees and the time was 15 oclock. What in the world does that mean?
It is wise to always bring along an umbrella, and a light coat during these spring days. Welcome to Odense in the rain. I love these shiny, wet cobblestones and the colorful row houses and stores.
. I do think that Hans Christian Anderson’s famous home needs a little “graffiti wash”. Can you imagine that someone chose, out of all these fine Danish cottages, to spray paint the cottage of the most famous author and story teller in Denmark? I think that our young adults should start a spring cleaning project right here in the center of town- with the polishing of this
famous old house (or hus- as they say in Danish).

Or maybe I will use a little “ Adobe Photoshop" to tidy up the place.

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  1. Why would anyone do that?! Right before we moved, our van was in our drive way instead of our garage, facing out onto the street. Someone came by and shot it (along with other houses and cars on our street) with paint balls. Okay, paint balls not so bad (the paint isn't permanent) but one hit our windshield hard and totally cracked it!! We need to replace the whole thing! You know yer a moron if you think hitting something STATIONARY with a paint ball gun or "tagging" an historical house is cool.

    Yer really good with the Photoshop. I just photoshoped a person out of a photo. Not to easy to make it look good.

    Loved these pictures of the rainy streets and businesses. I love the rain. It makes me feel cozy.