Saturday, April 25, 2009

One last spring entry before we get to work

When I made the header for our blog, I didn't realize that the picture of trees in the center of the header happened all over Denmark. These little violet flowers pop up in April and within a week they are gone. People gather with their children to take pictures of them standing among the carpet of flowers.
Even the trees turn pink in the spring. Just kidding, this is one of a group of tree sculptures painted bright pink. We do not know why.

Just discovered this spring surprise- upside down tulips with yellow stamens. If anyone knows what these are let me know. They just appeared among the daffodills.

After a cold, brown winter comes the most important part of April in Odense- all over town the trees, the grass, the brown leafy hedges are shouting green. (This large mansion, known as the Odense Castle, was built by King Frederik IV in 1721. Danish Royalty loved to gather in the country here, to vacation. Odense was in the country then.)

Wait until you see where we walk..near our home. I will show you that later. Otherwise you may think all we do on our mission is sight see. Next post will be more serious. Sorry about this frivolous journey through spring.


  1. i love that pink tree! and all the purple flowers! it's ok to sight-see! you don't have to be all business, all the time!

  2. I love the pictures! You do a great job of taking the pictures and posting them. Bob said he talked with Carl. Next time I will make sure he calls when I am around.

    Hey, how do we get Skype?

    Love ya, Bob and Doretta