Monday, April 27, 2009

Would anyone like to play a game of CRUD?

Welcome to the game of Crud. This is Sofie. A few weeks ago someone asked me if I knew what the pin on her collar was for. They told me that she, a very feminine, tiny girl.. is a championship boxer. She is also, a very good CRUD competitor.
The game of CRUD was introduced here in Odense by one of our missionaries- Elder Spencer Nielson. He began a tradition that has become the number one favorite game in our center. It is a pool game that the whole group can play together. It requires only two balls, and
no pool skills. Equipment needed to play CRUD:

a pool table

2 pool balls- one white ball and one black ball

a chalkboard, chalk and eraser (or large score tablet that all

can see.)

2 to 13 energetic people

How to play the game: 1. Write all the players names on the chalkboard with a box underneath each name (see the chalk board in pictures above).

This is your scoreboard.

It looks like this- Rene Karin Mark Emil Sofie Dan

2. Player 1 is Rene (the first person on the scoreboard starting on the left) His job is to begin the game by putting the black ball on the black dot and then rolling the white ball onto the table to hit the black ball and start it moving. He keeps rolling the ball until the black ball is hit and starts moving.

Player 2- Karin, the second on the scoreboard, then takes her turn by rolling the white ball at the black ball from the end of the pool table (this must be the opposite end of the location of the black moving ball). If the black ball stops moving before she can hit it- She gets the first letter C put in her box on the score board. If she hits the black ball and keeps it moving
the next player, Mark must take his turn.
Player 3- the next person after her (Mark) must keep the black ball moving -from the opposite end of the table, or hit the ball into one of the corner pockets. If he does this the next person on the scoreboard (Emil) would get a C in his scoreboard box. If the black ball stops moving when Mark is trying to hit his ball, then he gets the C in his box on the score board. Are you confused yet?

When the first round of all the players have finished their turns, the second round begins... if the black ball stops moving during your turn or the person before you knocks the black ball into a corner pocket- you will get the R in your box (if you get CRUD is spelled in your box- your name is erased and you are out of the game).

Here are a few notes about crud..
1. If the black ball stops moving while you are playing- you get a letter that will eventually spell out CRUD. At this time you have lost.
2. If your white ball hits the black ball into a corner pocket- the person whose name is next on the scoreboard, gets a C (or the next letter to eventually spell out CRUD) under his name.

3. Every time you loose, you get a letter ( when you get all four letters in the word CRUD, you drop out)

4. Everyone plays according to his or her name on the board- starting with first name on the left.

5. The last person on the board- who has not had the name Crud spelled out- is the winner.

6. You must shoot your white ball, always from the end of the table, and always from the opposite end of the black ball. This means that you run back and forth around the table to prevent the black ball from stopping.

Here are some of our CRUD champions. This is Mark. (he is dressed as a fashionable lady on the left..his festilaun costume..isn't he lovely). He is also the handsome man on the right. Mark is playing crud with Elder Crowsley, a very competitive Australian Missionary.
If anyone wants to try this great game and have no idea what I just said, write to us and I will turn to the experts in our center to do the job that I have not done so well..They will help you start the great tradition of CRUD in your outreach center, or at your family pool table.
Next post: I have been collecting spring and summer activities that we hope to try in the next few months. Lots of places to see, and things to do here in Odense...and there are a lot more young adults that we have yet to meet. Maybe we should start making some rice crispie treats again. I even have a new rice crispie peanut butter bar, from Sister Clark (former Senior missionary in the Copenhagen Center). The game of CRUD, finished off with a good rice crispie treat...should get the attention of many young Danes who need some friends this summer.

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  1. Sounds like a fun game! I like seeing the pictures of all the people and their clothes.