Saturday, May 16, 2009

Chapter two- Guang's Success

After our Zone Conference we returned to the center. Guang, Khai (our new member from Burma) and his friend from India were waiting there to go to the theater with us. Guang was so happy. They accepted her application and in just a few days she received her visa.
She wanted to thank us for helping her. To surprise us, she made a little chinese dish of potatoes that we ate with our Chinese meal for Family Home Evening a few days later.
The night she was told that she had her visa became a grand celebration. She said that it was the best day of her life. It was a great performance.

Many people from the two Odense wards were there. Everyone congratulated her on her achievement. The Young Ambassadors sang all kinds of music from Musicals to rock and roll, from disco to "I am a Child of God" sung in Danish.

After the show, we got acquainted with some of the cast members. Two of them spent the night at our house before they went on to another performance the next day in Esbjerg (about 1 1/2 hours from Odense).
Guang got to talk to them about their great performance. (our guests were Zach Hess and Josh Cromley) This was a great way to end weeks of prayer and hard work for Guang. What a memorable night. Next Post: Good Bye to our good friend..maybe we will see you again.


  1. Congratulations, Guang! Where will she come? America is a big place ;0)

  2. Great pictures. Who takes the pictures of the two of you? Do you use a timer or someone standing there?

    I love the pictures of the performers. Did you get them off a web site? Also, do you have a contact for them? We need some kind of traveling group to come to Siberia. It would be a great shot in the arm for our members and for our public image.
    Elder Doug

  3. Love all the posts lately! I also like the now sculpture. I like how big it is and I bet little kids love it!