Saturday, May 2, 2009

Esbjerg- remembered

When we were in Esbjerg, we found the tiny church where Elder Wilberg attended Church fifty years ago as a young missionary.
He lived in the little yellow house across the street from the Church and would go to the back door of the Church to get his mail every day.

One day, about eleven months into his mission, Carl picked up a letter that told him that his mother had died. She had been suffering from cancer all during his mission. She had it before he left. Carl was her youngest son, her first and only son to go on a mission. The other sons had been enlisted in the military during the war and had missed their opportunity to go on missions.
His mother encouraged Carl to go on this mission and was happy that he had accepted the call.

Since we have returned to Denmark, we have often felt guided to find people that Carl knew many years ago, or to find the children and grandchildren of those he once baptized. It would make sense to me, that Carl's mother and father, now on the otherside of the veil, are involved with this second mission of their youngest son. This time his mother, in good health, can witness, with us, our day to day successes and sometimes struggles to do the Lord's work among these wonderful people.


  1. how sweet to see dad's apt and church!

  2. Wonderful post, Mom. There was a elder in my mission whose mother passed away while he was there. She was sick too before he left. I couldn't imagine how hard that would be to loose your mother while you were so far away. Dad's old! (just kidding:)) so sometimes time makes things so far away in the past. But I can't imagine how hard that would be. I'm sure she's got an eye on you both. Can't wait to meet her some day. Bet she was feisty.