Sunday, February 8, 2009

First days in Denmark

Dad's first email getting to Denmark

Feb 8, 2009

Greetings from Copenhagen. After 2 ½ weeks in Utah and a long overnight flight from SLC to NYC to Vienna, Austria on to Denmark, we are now in Copenhagen for another week of training for our assignment to Odense. Odense is the home of Hans C. Anderson. We have already tasted the wonderful hospitality of church members and meeting a convert person that was baptized 50 years ago. His wife had passed away, but they were still faithful members. Obviously I was overjoyed at seeing him and hearing the good news. One of their 4 children had married a neat member of the church and was at church with her 2 married sons who had served missions who looked upon me as a spiritual beginning for the family. Actually, many other missionaries had worked with them before their final decision to join the church but somehow, for today, I was seen as a real big spiritual provider-which I enjoyed. I have also found out that others who joined the church while I was here and still very active—totally a spiritual feast for me- and I look forward to finding what others have done. Missionary work is great.

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