Tuesday, February 10, 2009

First email from Mom

Mom emailed me this letter today Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

hello, Sure do miss the telephone this morning. Our telephone has not been hooked up yet so it will be a day or so. I miss voice to voice communication with all of you. I have the internet set up here in copenhagen while we are here. (about one week) We have been learning how to be outreach directors here in copenhagen with Carl's old missionary companion- elder and sister clark from bountiful. Yesterday we went to the center and met lots of kids (18-30) who gathered there for english lessons and danish lessons (taught by the missionaries) After that we had a great family night with about 35 kids all run by them. We had a lesson with objects taught in Danish by an enthusiastic young man- Not sure what it was about but it was fun watching him take charge. Then the missionaries (sisters) introduced the game (I have played this before) called "do you love your neighbor.".

You sit in a circle with a person in the center. He points at a person and says (in Danish) "Elsker du din naeste" (love you your neighbor?)
and the person pointed at says.."Ja" (yes) and the person on either side of you have to change places. or "Nej" (no) but "Jeg Elsker.. people with brown shoes. Then all people with brown shoes have to change places. (or people with ties, or people over 60, or people wearing stripes, etc) During the trading places time the person has to find an empty seat...and like musical chairs, the last person left standing becomes it. It is a great way to entertain and get acquainted with a nice group. It would be fun to play for family home evening.

We rode the bus home last night at 10:00 and finished our day with danish pastry. It is Tuesday morning here at 10:17 in the morning. it is 1:17 AM in Sacramento. I keep my clock on the computer in Sacramento time so that I can have some idea of time in USA. Surely do miss talking face to face.

Well better say bye, hope to talk to you soon. I love you, Mom


  1. What fun! I love to hear what they are up to

  2. Glad you and Carl are making headway and enjoying yourselves. It will be really nice to follow your mission adventures on this blog.

    I should also mention that I am REALLY REALLY glad I didn't have to play that game.

    But to each his or her own I guess. . . . :)