Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Gathering Israel one Outreach Center at a time

Here is our outreach center when it is filled with people. They are all dressed up in costumes for Festilaun (I'll have to look up the spelling). This is like our Halloween but it is in the month of March. They are playing a game like Jenga but it stacks in smaller pieces and requires a dice. It is a very fun new game.
This is our game room with a ping pong table top that can be taken off to play pool. The bulletin board has all of our Young Single Adults who are on missions labeled according to their mission destinations. One of our young women received a call to Temple Square in Salt Lake City last week. Another Elder received a call to Minnesota. I have talked to returned Missionaries who have served in Boise, St George, Canada, Great Britain, Norway and even California.

Here is a really nice foos ball game. Our game tables are well used.

This group of kids are playing a game invented by a missionary called "CRUD." (the game is called "CRUD" not the missionary).
It is a game that the whole group can play together. I will tell you how to play it in the next post. It is an "Odense Outreach" favorite. It is getting late..better say goodnight for now. Hope the rest of your day is great. My day has just ended. Seems strange to be sleeping while most of you are still up doing every day things. Talk to you soon.

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