Monday, March 23, 2009

Vor hjem (yem) vaek fra (fwah) hjem... Our home away from home

Before we saw our little Danish home in Odense, we went to the Odense Outreach Center. It is in the basement of the Odense Chapel. This is our cozy hygglig (hoo-gl- ee) room. People say it is a good place to hyggl. Can you guess what people do when they "hyggl". They have taken the noun "hygglig" which means - cozy, comfortable, friendly, and turned it into a verb. This room is a place to be cozy, comfortable, and friendly. We may even have a whole night of "coziness"... this is called a "hygge-aften" (a hooge- afen or evening).
This is another view of the room, looking into the kitchen. Under the coffee table are trays to put our Tuesday night meals on, church magazines in several languages, other reading materials. There are lots of beautiful church Prints on the walls. The Center is a missionary center, a study center, a social center, and a hygglig center.

Every Tuesday, Elder Wilberg and I finish preparing a meal here for our Young Single Adults who come for Family Home Evening. Many of them come directly from school or work on their bikes or the bus and have not had time to go home before this event. We have a lot to learn about Danish spices, sauces, and where to find one valuable can of cream of chicken soup. Campbell's soup has not come to Denmark. I had forgotten how many times I use chicken broth, cream of mushroom soup, and other soups as a base for my recipes. How can you have "chicken delight" without Campbell's soup. We have made spaghetti, that doesn't taste like spaghetti,
taco soup that isn't spiced like taco soup, Saucy chicken with mayonnaise, cream of something soup (from the frozen section) on rice- that didn't resemble the original recipe. I have burned pizza, serve carrots soaked in water (everyone serves carrots in icy water here- they are very crisp), introduced rice crispie treats to a whole group of new "Danish Rice Crispie treat fans". Thank Heavens for marshmallows.
Today I went shopping for some logpolver, brun farin, sennep, and some lys sirup. I was also going to buy some flode ost, but I bought some of that last week. What do you think I bought? logpolver (onion powder), brun farin (brown sugar), sennep (mustard), and some lys sirup (karo syrup). Last
week I bought some flode ost (cream cheese..without knowing for sure what it was) I just discovered that it was flode ost.

This is our library, our computer room, our place to study, and play board games. There is a guitar hanging on the wall, a music system with speakers,
a printer that I can't figure out, and a scanner.

Here are two computer people. One, Elder Crosley, is an expert on the computer, the other computer person (Elder Wilberg) is trying to remember where he put his password.

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