Monday, March 2, 2009

MTC On the move

Wednesday is Icecream day
at the MTC. This is because a flood of young missionaries begin their missions here every Wednesday.
These are the Wednesday suitcases lining the sidewalk waiting for "green"
Elders and Sisters to begin their new, simple, lives- full of dark suits, ties and comfortable shoes.

There are many missionary
scupltures at the MTC. Here are two bronze missionaries with snow hats. Bicycles and
walking are the two most common methods of transportation for missionaries through out the world. We began our mission in Denmark (the first week) running from bus to bus in Copenhagen. Now we have a car that takes us from our little country cottage to the fairy tale town of Odense.

The couples at the MTC always worried that their bags would be too heavy when they were ready to fly to their final destinations. I had a strong
desire to wear the same thing every day- so that we wouldn't have to repack our bulging suitcases when we were ready to go to Denmark.
Thanks to one overweight suitcase, we
paid a total of $190 for our bags from Sacramento to Utah.

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  1. Its fun to see into the MTC life! And more great pictures too.