Friday, March 20, 2009

A step back to 1599

We entered the castle over the mote (of course..what would a castle be without a mote). The Frederiksborg Castle was built from 1599 and finished in 1615 by King Christian IV.
Elder Wilberg (fromerly known as Carl) is shivering here by the castle fountain filled with snow and green evergreen branches for winter.

The entrance to the Castle is a reflection of ornate window frames, green copper spires and roofs, and many surprise sculptures that lead into a large courtyard. Some of the sculptures are r-rated. Wearing our missionary badges we tried to avoid taking pictures of them.

The cobblestone roads and arches repeat themselves all over the castle grounds and the interior of the castle as well.


  1. We love the photos and stories of where you are and what you are doing. Hopefully some of us will get to come visit.

  2. amazing! the weather looks nice, even though dad looks cold. how cold was it?

  3. Cool photos! And, hey, why didn't you show the racy sculptures?! :) It's just art, Mom, c'mon! :)