Friday, March 20, 2009

While we were in Copenhagen, we took a side trip to the grand Frederiksberg Castle (called "Frederiksberg Slot" in Danish) It is about 40 minutes from Copenhagen. We went with our good missionary friends- Elder and Sister Larsen (Our mission office couple in Copenhagen).
The lake surrounding the castle was almost all ice with a few spots for wild Danish ducks and geese to swim. It was a beautiful setting for this magnificent castle with the stark bare trees, and ice and snow dripping from the old sculptures and fountains along its cobblestone paths and courtyards.

We left the castle before dark. I would love to have seen it like this- at night. We will have to return again in the spring to see the beautiful symetrical gardens and enjoy a ride on the small boats that will take us out on the lake. Today the castle is a museum full of portraits and paintings of Danish Royalty and all kinds old lavish tapestries, armor, and antique furniture.

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  1. Oh my goodness. It look amazing. Poor dad looks very cold in your most recent post. Love you!