Sunday, March 22, 2009

Velkommen til Odense (o-den-sah)

On February 17, we left Copenhagen, traveled over the $50 bridge and arrived in our new home- Odense. (O-den-sah), Denmark.

This is the Odense Chapel. Elder Wilberg had his first baptism here fifty years ago. Now it has been remodeled and is ready to be our home away
from home for the next 18 months. Two wards meet here. They are called
"Odense first ward and Odense Second Ward. What a lovely group of friendly people. They are full of handshakes and hugs.
This is our Outreach Center. It has a new name. From now on it will be called the "Center for Young Adults." (or at least until they decide to change the name again). We gather down those stairs near the green sign.
I am redoing that sign with our new name and pictures that will invite people to come in to see what we are doing here. We go up and down those stairs almost every day with two lap top computers, our scriptures, every paper or notebook that we might need during our time here. We often bring treats, popcorn, always carrots, cucumbers, apples, and food for a meal every Tuesday for family night with the hungry Young Single Adults.
We have long conversations with people who drop by. We have planning meetings, guitar sessions, and have become acqainted with some of the nicest people that we have ever met here. I hope that we will be able to help the Center to grow. I would also like to find a little nitch here to start a class of some kind. I love to teach. Maybe there is a Beginners Book of Mormon Class that needs to be started, or a "What to say to an Empty Journal" class that someone needs. Maybe I can find someone who would like to create family trees on Photo Shop or write their own life history. Does anyone want to come to Denmark to learn something new? We'll be ready for you.

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