Friday, March 6, 2009

Velkommen to Denmark !

On February 6, 2009 we arrived in Copenhagen, Denmark. The sky was blue above the clouds but Copenhagen welcomed us with a wet, icy rain.
Carl's old missionary companion (fifty years ago)- Elder Clark- Welcomed us with a Danish flag and our mission president, President Olaufson. Our bulging suitcases were squeezed into our mission car and we drove to a week long stay in a great little apartment in Copenhagen. Many have said that "your first two months on a mission will be a 'Blur." We have entered our strange, new homeland in a fog.
Our new neighbors and friends, Elder and Sisters Clark and Larsen (All of us are named Elder and Sister here...easy for me to remember), prepared a wonderful "Welcome to Denmark" dinner - comfort foods-
Cream of Chicken Casserole, mashed potatoes, green salad, and good Danish bread. Elder Abrahamson and Elder Free then knocked on the door with a plate full of chocolate chip cookies which they made. It is not easy to find chocolate chips in Denmark, so the Elders chopped their own chocolate bars to create their own chips. They left us with cookies and a spiritual thought. These young men are the salt of the earth riding all over Copenhagen on their bikes- to preach the gospel and deliver cookies to very new green missionaries like us.

I entered this in our other wildmountain blog by accident. Thought i would
begin again. As I said before, life for us, as new missionaries here is a blur.
I think when spring comes, the fog in our heads will clear and we will be the clear thinkers that we always have been. (just kidding)

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