Monday, March 2, 2009

Good Bye MTC

The MTC is just at the base of the Provo Temple. The last Saturday that we were there, we got up early and went to the temple. It was a beautiful, cold, icy day- a great day for this view of my favorite mountain, Mount Timpanogas.
During our week and a half stay at the MTC, we learned how to be safe in a foreign land, how to teach each other with "great skill" and enthusiasm,
How to bear our testimonies in foreign tongues.. with enthusiasm (and very little skill). After a week and a half we should be experts.
Now we are going to "Preach to the Nations of the world." Do you think any one will notice?

1 comment:

  1. Those mountains are COVERED in snow! I was in the MTC in Jan. to March and there was always lots of snow. I remember that we did a session at the temple on our prep days. We wanted our p-days to last as long as possible so we would do a super early session, like 6 or something. It was always dark and we were half asleep but it was still nice.

    Also, that missionary in the very middle totally looks like Mack Wilberg!! Am I wrong?!