Saturday, March 7, 2009

We enjoyed our stay in Copenhagen. We were there for a little over a week being trained at the Copenhagen Outreach Center by Elder and Sister Clark. Here are some of the good friends we made there. We hope to see them often while we are here in Denmark. We have had a very friendly welcome here. Thank you for your kindness and sweet, generous, spirits.

Sister Nielson- Barnholm Missionary,
Elder and Sister Larsen- Mission Office missionaries,
Elder and Sister Clark- Copenhagen outreach Center missionaries.

This is the apartment that we stayed in from the back window. There is a great little patio outside for summer (not winter) dining.

Here is a typical danish lunch that we have enjoyed many times.. sliced ham, eggs, havarti cheese (our main source of protein our first week), and sliced apples. The Danes have served us apple cake, apple torte, apple pie, apple pastries and sliced fresh apples. They have delicious apples here. Most of our young adults like fresh apple slices more than these other fancy desserts. They also think sliced carrots are a good family night dessert. Imagine that, in a world full of Danish Bakeries.

Welcome to our fun kitchen in Copenhagen. It is bright, new, and very modern. So modern that we could not find the knobs to turn on our stove. Again, we had to go next door to be taught the basics about living in this very Danish a new comer, we feel very helpless sometimes.

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