Sunday, March 8, 2009

At Home in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a beautiful city full of ornate old buildings, modern sculptures, fountains, many tall cathedral spires, a skyline of tile roofs, and row houses of every color. We enjoyed visiting several little LDS chapels near Copenhagen. We have met many friendly, happy families where ever we find ourselves on Sunday. They love to hear me stumble over the Danish that I have the courage to use. Once in a while I have been asked to pray or bear my testimony. I mix Danish with English...lots of "Jeg takker dig"s and "Jeg beder dig"s. (pronounced - yeye takk-ah die and yeye beethah die...meaning "I thank thee" and "I ask thee.." I hope that the Lord understands Danish.
This was our modern danish living room in Copenhagen. We could sit on the couch and look out our back window watching the Danes run by. We studied here every morning...the Danish language, the scriptures, and the new missionary manual used through the church called "Preach My Gospel." I also study all the notes and ideas that I collected from the MTC. I am still very much a beginner at the job of being a missionary. I am still not sure what our job is here.
Here is our snowy backyard again, this time with a blue sky. Every so often we are blessed with a clear, blue sky day. It feels like spring when you don't have to wear mittens and a warm scarf around your neck. Beauty is all around us. Sometimes we are too busy running from place to place to notice. Sometimes we are surprised by the attention to detail that the Danes put on their balconies and around their doors and windows, even the cobblestones are laid with great care and unusual patterns.


  1. That apartment looks really nice! How fun! And everyone loves a little snow, right? :)

  2. I love the modern space. How different from what you are used to! What did you think?

  3. I love to see photos and posts of what you are doing. What an adventure.

  4. thanks for keeping us informed!