Thursday, April 23, 2009

How to have a Family Night- Part 1

This is a continuation of the little booklet designed to help new comers to have a successful Family Home Evening. There is something to remember here. Some people have said that Family Home Evening is the only "argument" we have that begins and ends with prayer. This family or friend gathering is not always a perfect family gathering...but I have discovered that if you establish a pattern, a plan, and a determination to meet together once a week at the same time, same place, (or in the summer- go to a different park for each family night- we used to call them "popsicle parks" because we would bring popsicles for our summer family night desserts-- You will be successful. (What a long sentence..sometimes I get carried away)
If you click on these images you will get the enlarged version of this plan. I usually copy (right click) and then paste it to a folder on my computer. Then I can open the full 8 by 10 picture and make a hard copy to share.

I love a friendly welcome to family night. Even if there are only a few gathered, it lets everyone know that we are happy to be together and sets the stage for what can be a very pleasant night. Again, don't get discouraged if you have a few "attitudes" and "rolling eyes" in the group..this was often the case with our kids during the "I don't want to be here.."teen years." I do know that we survived many a grouchy family nights with a short message, a fun game, and (very important) a delicious family night dessert.. If you forgot about the dessert- cinnamon toast is a good last minute choice. Never forget the dessert !

This song can be led by the smallest child to the oldest grandma or grandpa in the group. It can be sung with or without a piano and can be accompanied by a guitar, a plastic flute, an Indian drum, or a set of bells. The song can be a Primary Song, a hymn, or a fun camp song. Don't forget to sing..You could teach a new song that you sing every Monday night for a month. Don't forget to sing..even if your family sounds like a bunch of frogs. Singing brings unity to the group.

This is a perfect place for beginners to participate in family night.. a great time to learn how to pray without being in front of a large group. Prayer can set the tone for the night. Some non LDS family nights like to have a moment of silence or read a quiet poem to their family during this time. What ever you choose, it is a time to feel a peace and to ask God to bless this little group. Next post- family night part 2.

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