Thursday, April 23, 2009

Have you ever seen a family night umbrella?

Our friends who are missionaries in Siberia have asked me to add color to a little "How to Have your own Family Night" manual that I created a few years ago. I decided to publish it here, because one of the events that has been very successful among our young adults is our Tuesday Night Family Night. I love having family nights with all kinds of families- big or small.
If you are living alone, or with just a few roommates, create a family night experience together. If you want to share the gospel, have fun together, and eat a tasty dessert at the end, create a family night experience with your neighbors. You don't have to have a family of little children to enjoy this opportunity. I have always thought that family night is a great way to "gather Israel- one family at a time."

When Elder and Sister Simmons decided to teach a group of Siberians, how to begin having family nights, they created a family night skit- made up of Russian friends. They presented a complete home evening for the public.
75 people showed up to witness their little family home evening.

These first few pages introduce the value of having a weekly night devoted to teaching our families.. even if your family right now is just a group of roommates, neighbors, or good friends.

I will introduce the next part of the booklet tomorrow.. it is getting late.
We began our first "friendship" family night last Sunday night here in Odense with a handful of friends. What a wonderful time we had.. See you next post.

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