Sunday, April 5, 2009

Our little country cottage

Thought you might like to see where we live. This is a little cottage behind a members home just outside of Odense. We live out in the country. It takes about 15 minutes to get to town from here. There are many green fields, woods, great birds, and when the sky is clear, lots of stars in the dark sky at night.
Here is our "great room", living room, family room, and kitchen all together. It is a very open and peaceful place to study and relax.
Behind the french door is a little office where all our electrical cords and gadgets are. The bedroom door is next to the kitchen. I will show it to you in another entry. (after I make my bed).

This is our little corner kitchen. I have discovered lots of pans, utensils, and even a bosh mixer with a blender attached in those surprise cupboards.
The refrigerator is on the right and a stove with no knobs- our mystery stove. We know how to turn it on but are not quite sure how to calculate what the oven does. One of these days we will discover some of the answers to these little mysteries. Until then we guess about temperatures, money, and how much we weigh.

Here is our sunny table where we eat, study and watch the weather change. One day we had sun in the morning, rain at noon, and soft snow blowing sideways in the late afternoon. I think that we ended that day with a full moon. More pictures of our home will come soon, after our internet connection is repaired at home- tomorrow. I am writing this in between conferences on Sunday Afternoon at the Outreach Center. Love you all, have a great General Conference weekend.


  1. Cute house. I especially love the kitchen. I want to see a photo of the kitty and horses. Love you!

  2. Love to see where you live. Will love to see even more if we ever get to visit (hoping for next spring ;0)