Thursday, April 2, 2009

What do you do in an Outreach Center?

In case you think that all we do here is play games, I thought I would introduce you to some very serious young adult danes. They ride their bikes, busses and trains from all over this side of Denmark to enjoy this center. Sometimes we are surprised with the small groups who carpool to get here from Fredericia (about 45 minutes away), Horsens (1 1/2 hours away), and even Esbjerg (1 1/2 hours away). The first part of February we had a Fastelavn Celebration here. It started with a fireside talk given by Our CES leader from Copenhagen, President Andersen. It was a great talk about the challenges that face young people today. In minutes after the fireside, our serious young adults went into the restrooms where they changed into party people. They came out in costumes of every kind, upstairs we had a fastelavn barrel smashing. Like a pinata, a white barrel is hung from the ceiling and filled with candy (and a live cat..if you celebrated like the children of old). Luckily only a paper cat was taped on the barrel and when it was broken, the person with the bat became the king of the cats. We know as much about the meaning of Festilavn as we do about the meaning of Halloween. But the Saturday that we celebrated this event, was the second celebration of the day- the Primary children did the same thing that morning. I love celebrating for no good reason.


  1. Danish Halloween! I love it! Where's the Mooning Barrel Man? :)

  2. how fun! what costume did you wear?

  3. We wore a "How to be a new missionary" costume. Next year we will be more daring. love you,mom