Friday, April 24, 2009

Spring in the Oldest Town in Denmark-Rhibe

A few weeks ago we went to a Super Saturday for all the youth in our stake, and for our Young Single Adults. It was held in the youngest city in Denmark, built about the time of the California Gold Rush. The city is called Esbjerg (Es-beer). While we were there we found a little travel brochure that told us that we were only a few miles away from the oldest city in Denmark- Rhibe. (Ree-bah) We decided to stop there on our way home. (about one and a half hours from Odense) It was Sunday, and all of the little shops were closed, but many people were there just wandering through these quaint little streets and parks.
This is Elder Wilberg wandering.

I could have shown you a dozen beautiful windows in these colorful shops. Next time we go to Esbjerg for a conference, I would love to return to Rhibe
to spend a few kroners. Maybe by then I will know what a kroner is.

Denmark is known for its amber. I am sure that these big chunks are worth millions of kroners.

This was my favorite window. The little green bowl and candle stick behind it would look very nice on our dining room table here in Odense as well as in Sacramento. There is always a need for more candle holders and lime green salad bowls.

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  1. Why? Why do we think something is cute? Why do we want cute things? Why do you ladies look for cute things? Why do cute things cost more than other things? Why, why why.

    Elder Dougie