Friday, April 24, 2009

Spring is "fancy" in Rhibe

Spring is fancy in Rhibe, even the cobblestones invite you down these charming little streets. Denmark is full of perfectly placed cobblestones.
The walls are fancy in Rhibe. Spring pops up from every pot or basket.

Doorsteps are fancy in Rhibe.. with more cobblestones and little potted spots of color.

Even the doors are fancy in Rhibe.

Now this is fancy.. have you ever seen such a fancy door frame?


  1. I love the doors. I am especially fond of doors because I can imagine the stories behind the doors, or even in front of them; the people who wanted in, the people who wanted out, the people who wanted to stay in and keep the others out. Doors have character and I see that your doors are no exception. Thanks for the look into beautiful Denmark.
    Elder Dougie

  2. We just got through skyping the Simmons and they gave us your blog. We have a minute before we head out to Womans Conference.

    joyce.bryce.woodbury SKYPE

  3. very fancy! nancy should visit!