Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mothers day in Odense

Remember the saying, "that will only happen when the cows come home?" Well this Mother's Day weekend, the "cows really did come home." All of a sudden they appeared out of nowhere. They love this little mound of dirt. Once one climbs up, the other two follow.
Of course the horses were curious about their new visitors. About every hour or so they gather nose to nose to get acquainted.

I guess we will have to get some extra carrots for our new guests. Do cows like carrots? (I have too much time on my hands).

This Mother's Day I sat next to my good friend, Ette. She is the sweet little "tea and Cookies" lady from our Wednesday lunch time insititute class. Today we shared a her fabric covered hymn book during Relief Society and her Relief Society Manual all in Danish. I understood about four or five words of the lesson but I loved sitting next to such a lovely Mother, and Grandmother, and probably great grandmother. Especially when my Mother wasn't able to be here in Denmark for Mothers day. I told Ette how much I liked her dress. She smiled and told me that she was wearing her own Mother's dress in her memory today. She is full of surprises. When you come to visit and shake her hand she will kiss it. What a fine Danish friend.

On Mother's Day this year, the cows came home, Ette wore her mother's dress, and I got a beautiful pot of Orchids. It was a good day...glad to be a mother. Thank you for the family messages printed on every grandchild's hands, feet, cheeks, and even a tummy. (See for these great messages) Miss you all. Love Mom and Grandma


  1. That orchid is beautiful! See ponies always reminds me of a Seinfeld episode when an old Eastern European lady says, "My sister had pony! I had pony!" Does anyone remember that one? Anyway, Mom love the pony the best.

  2. here's that pony clip if yer interested.