Friday, May 15, 2009


In Odense, near the train station, there is an odd "sculpture" that pops up out of the grass. The name of the sculpture is "ninenow."
The sculpture speaks to you. For some reason, the nine bumps say "Now" in nine different languages. Who knows why someone paid for a sculpture that says "now" in any language. Maybe it should answer the question "why" in nine different languages.

Here is Elder Wilberg thinking about what we are going to do "Now."
This is a very profound experience. We are always trying to decide what in the world we are doing "Now." Thank you Odense for this little oasis provided for anyone who wants to ponder over the word "Now" in 9 different languages. "Now" we better get back to work.


  1. i like it! i thought it was small until i saw dad sitting on it. you're funny about modern/minimalist art! shouldn't "now" just give you the chills?

    i love seeing what you're doing! you're so good about posting all the time! thanks!

  2. Maybe the real question is "Now what?"

  3. What ever is the question, now is the time to act on the answer; I think. Or, maybe it is a statement about what you should be concerned about. Not yesterday, because it is a memory, and not tomorrow because it is not a reality, but NOW is the only thing you really have; maybe.
    Elder Doug