Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fest I Nord 2009- Goldfinger and Candlelight

On March 1, 1846 Brigham Young, the second latter-day prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, instructed the weary pioneers camped in the middle of Iowa, to build a large campfire and clear away the snow. He then told them, "I want you to sing and dance and forget your troubles." Everyone, old and young, danced to the music and calls of the fiddler. He later wrote, "If thou art merry, praise the Lord with singing, with music, with dancing, and with a prayer of praise and thanksgiving."

--D&C 136: 28

We have been dancing and singing ever since.

On July 31, 2009, the young single adults in Randers, Denmark gathered to celebrate their last night of Fest I Nord with a James Bond Extravaganza.

They dined and danced to the vintage 1950's tunes of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin.

It was an International Grand Ball. That night we stepped into the world of James Bond.
The last night of Fest I Nord began in the afternoon. A beauty parlor appeared in one of the classrooms for make up and fancy hair do's.

Here is Jolene ready for the ball.

This was a night for formal attire--

gowns, bow ties, tuxedos,...

And lots of flowers.

Balls of light were hung accross the ceiling of the ballroom. Dates and party goers gathered in the halls.

A red carpet welcomed the honored guests... with large candleabras with tall tapered candles.

Hours were spent setting every table with porcelan plates, folded napkins, stem glasses and polished silverware. Diamonds and glitter were scattered down each table with candles lighting the room.

A James Bond car appeared and the guests followed the red carpet into the hall.

Everyone was given a cocktail of bubbly 7-up as they entered the dance. (in real glass cocktail glasses)

Lennie and Rene became a James Bond Poster.
The room was filled with beautiful gowns, lights and a line of James Bond Guests.
Anne Fredericksen arrives on the red carpet with her happy date..along with guest from Copenhagen.
If you look at the ribbons on everyone's wrists you will be able to tell where they all came from. (or at least where they are going to school) Remember red stands for Denmark, yellow for Sweden, Blue for Norway, orange for Finland, and green for all other countries. James Bond would have been proud of this international guest list. There must have been some spies among us... We know that there was royalty. All of the Fest I Nord guests were from a "Royal Generation" ...members of the House of Israel. It was an impressive gathering.

The dinner began with a shrimp, chicken salad. I am trying to track down the recipe. The dinner was presented by Martin,the chef- We dined on beef, turkey, and scalloped potatoes. Julie and Mark sat across from Sara and Benjamin.. long time friends from the Outreach center in Odense. Missie came with a new friend from the Philippines.

Rene and Jolene arrive with their dates for an evening of dining and swing dancing.

I think that this is Aske's first Fest I Nord. He arrived with his beautiful date from Greenland, Catrine. She is going to school in Aalborg (in northern Denmark). and is one of the leaders in our center.

Michael returned home from his Mission in England, just in time for Fest I Nord. Lasse, our official James Bond, is dining with special guest, and Stake President of Arhus Stake... Kurt Fredericksen. .

Dan came to Randers with us from Odense. He and his date are ready for the grand ball. James Bond squirt guns were found among the weapons and five giant icecream cakes were covered with James Bond Posters made of marzapan.

Lennie, Julie, Katrine, and Aske pose with their dangerous squirt guns, in the eye of the tiger. (I think that is the title).

James Bond was everywhere...Movies on the wall, danger on the icecream cakes, diamonds on the table, mysterious men in black and white, and glamorous women. The night ended well past midnight. I can still hear Frank Sinatra singing "I Did it My Way."

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