Friday, August 21, 2009

Fest I Nord - Under the Sea

After the classes, the sports, the Helping Hands Storm, and the firesides- Fest I Nord comes alive with wild and crazy parties. Mormons know how to party. This is an especially important week for Sara and Benjamin (from our Odense Outreach Center). They just became engaged. Congratulations to you both. Welcome to our first big party - Under the Sea.
Between the serious, inspiring firesides and the evening parties, we had some very professional entertainers. We began our under the sea extravaganza with our dryland syncronized swim team, performing behind blue sheets of shimmering water... Dancing and diving to beautiful classical music. Their graceful movements, lovely goggles, and daring dives (into the dry water) thrilled the crowd.
Then we were privileged to have a few "Deep Thoughts" and silly songs from Elder Scary (Lasse Ilskov) and his friends. He claims to be a major in "Righteousness" at BYU and called us daily to repent and find our eternal companions at Fest I Nord. He began the evening with this decree from heaven. (Click on the decree and you will want to share it with your friends).

There were many returned missionaries at Fest I Nord, and many who were about to go on missions. The following song, written by Elder Scary, is a reminder of what it is like to put romance on hold for 18 months or two years, while you serve an honorable mission.

Then the dance began "Under the Sea."

There were fish swimming on the walls..

Missie and her friend are sitting on the beach with a buried treasure and an old ship wrecked at sea.

There was a "Live" volcano erupting by the purple lights of the "Festibar."

You might not know that Mormons drink... 7-up, Fresca, Squash, virgin strawberry dacquiris and even water. This bar served a drink with blue ice that lit up. We love good drinks.

We all dressed up for the under water experience. Jolene painted fish gills on her face, Dan wore goggles and we wore what is fashionable for missionaries to wear under water.

It was a grand ball. The hall was full of music and erupting volcanoes.

The floor was covered with lights.

We were all under the sea, and no one got wet. Welcome to the world of good, clean, fun... Fest I Nord at its best.


  1. I had several roommates at BYU who majored in Righteousness. Looks like a fun event!

  2. Everything looks so Amazing! Im 25 years old i became member of the church like 6 years ago, and is the best thing that ever Happened in my life! Young people, press forward! In your hands are the future of this world, less float it with Righteousness , Virtue and Charity.
    "The world's eyes are on us, let us show them the Light of Christ!"