Thursday, March 12, 2009

Copenhagen Outreach- a very successful center

Every weekday Elder and Sister Clark, the Copenhagen Outreach Senior Missionary couple, leave their apartment at about 2:15 in the afternoon, and take a bus to the Outreach Center for young single adults (18-30). We trained with them for a week before we came to our center in Odense. There are many events everyday in the Center. The Elders and Sister missionaries teach the gospel to investigators. There is a pool table, a foos ball table, ping pong, a computer room, a kitchen for all kinds of treats, and small meals.

The Copenhagen Outreach Center is near the new Copenhagen Temple and mission office. We are going to Copenhagen again this week with two young men from Odense to a Young Adult Temple Weekend. There will be baptisms, endowments sessions (there are many Danish Return Missionaries in our group), meals, workshops, and a dance. We will be there for two days. We are looking forward to our return to Copenhagen. This will be a great event. Even though Copenhagen is only two hours from Odense, the bridge costs $50 one way to cross and then $50 to return home.

These are photos from the Copenhagen Outreach Center. Above is Elder Boyd, Elder Clark (Carl's old missionary companion). and Elder Abrahamson (Our chocolate chip cookie maker). We have seen the Elder
and Sisters teach English to Danes, Danish to a Portugese boy who only speaks Spanish, English to two young men from Afghanistan, and Chinese to several women who look like they are from China. (Don't ask me why they are studying Chinese).
This is Sister Lijenquist (a Sister Missionary) who used her BYU Spanish to teach a young Portugese boy- Danish. There are many quitars among us. There is one in every center and the Elders often bring their guitars with them. We're thinking about finding someone to teach guitar lesson here at our center. These centers are full of activities and great young adult leaders.

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