Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Copenhagen Outreach Center- a home away from home

The Outreach Center is a place to be filled..with tasty snacks and Danish pastries, filled with pool and ping pong tournaments, and filled with spiritual food. Every activity begins with a spiritual thought, song and prayer, even language training. The Outreach Student Council President is on the right. He is an outstanding leader.
There are many people from all over the world that come to the center. A few months ago the missionaries were given the responsibility to create an International Night once a month for different countries. The missionaries above are teaching American line dancing to the Young Single Adults. They served hamburgers, french fries, and rootbeer (not a Danish favorite).

Last month the Copenhagen Outreach Center had a Chinese International night. They had Chinese food and the Chinese guests taught everyone how to use chopsticks. They had a chopstick relay race to pick up grapes and carry them across the room to their partner. Elder Smedly is pondering the event in front.

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