Thursday, April 16, 2009

Old Danish Charm - with Inge and Finn

This is Inge. She and her husband, Finn, live in a charming, comfortable home in Odense. It is full of painted white hutches, light wood, plank floors and soft danish love seats and chairs. She is the "Martha Stewart" of our town. What a feast she prepared for us during the Easter weekend.
The Elders and Sisters couldn't wait to try another one of her tasty meals. This was our first time to visit. I hope it won't be the last. I could start a recipe book of her dishes and have a nice collection by the time we leave Denmark. Maybe I should just bring her home with us (along with Finn, of course). Finn and Inge live in a small former train station on the edge of Odense. You can't see the tracks anymore because they have covered the yard with a cobblestone patio with dainty little trees and potted spring flowers. Finn came out to greet us and when we praised his beautiful big daffodils- he jokingly told us that they were plastic. He is full of jokes, and great humor.

In the side yard there is a little greenhouse where they grow the fresh ginger that flavored our delicious creamed carrot soup. We topped the soup with toasted pumpkin seeds. This will be my first recipe from Inge.

(They rarely call anyone Mr. or Mrs. here- or Sister or Brother- or even Bishop or President..everyone uses their first names. Sometimes, they even alphabetize using only first names)

Our table was carefully set, Finn was in charge of serving. After the soup, we had warm bread, breaded fish, small round peeled potatoes, served with dark brown and white gravy. There was a shredded cabbage salad with raisins, capers, and sweet dressing. I think I will go get a snack. I am getting hungry all over again.

Around the table is Finn, a woman from Odense, Sister Stevens, Sister Brown, Elder Peterson with his apple juice, and Elder Faylor, the layed back guitarist.. and then there is Sister Wilberg anxious to try the carrot soup.

After we were filled to the brim, we were invited into the living room for a short lesson and some more of Inge's magic. She had made a type of apple crisp with whipped cream on top. It is called aeblekage (eblah-kay-gah- or apple cake). Then we finished our night with hot chocolate.

Try hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and shaved chocolate.
You can't eat for several days after you visit Inge and Finn. Next time we will be prepared. Maybe we will fast a few days before our visit so that we can try every thing on her "martha Stewart" menu. She is, in fact, better than "Martha Stewart." When I get her carrot soup recipe, I will publish it on the blog. This means everyone has to try Danish Carrot Soup, whether you like carrots or not.


  1. I love the idea of you coming back with a danish cookbook full of recipes ;0) Hopefully someone will cook them for me

  2. Good thing I just eat lunch because all these food talk makes me almost MORE hungry! It's great to have a nice meal especially on the mission.

  3. Sounds yummy! I love here clean open kitchen!!